Agency Checked has been set up as a platform to promote verified and credible online agencies by Point and Stare, the London based online media agency with over 20 years industry experience.

The problem
The online industry has a lack of regulation and accountability.
The level of entry is pretty low and the amount of times I personally have heard “we got this bloke to build us a website … but” is crazy.

There is also a small amount of people disappearing with client money, who are usually start-ups or simply inexperienced in business.

The flip side is that there are numerous ‘good guys’ who promise, and can and do deliver the quality we, as businesses, require.

The solution
Agency Checked aims to provide a platform for businesses where strict background checks and verification are key to all of our success.
Each member is checked via Companies House, through their recent projects and other means before being granted membership.

Our aim is to remove the times businesses get scammed or simply let down and increase the smiles delivered.